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“Personality” when applied to people is the description of the multiple traits that shape our perception of that individual. Just think about someone you know, and the words flow…cheery, bubbly, moody, thoughtful, candid, private, quiet, etc. Each adjective adds dimension until you’ve described your experience of that individual’s personality.

Now, go a step further and think of their personal surroundings and you can start to “see” their personality. It is a natural to surround ourselves with the bits and pieces, the here and there of our lives. Think of your own space. Are your family photos framed haphazardly and scattered all over, or are they gathered and coordinated? Is there a sculpture that frees your mind in loose form, or perhaps a detailed bronze that you love to study? The books, the paperweights, the collections. They are all reflections of you, your interests, your diversions, your travels. These are the accessories of your life.

Accessories in Interior Design

As an interior designer, I try to take great care first to observe, and then continue the trends already established. This is not a quick hit to the “accessory store.” It’s more like a psychological study and research project. After all, the big pieces in an overall design, the sofa, the style of the chairs, the rug, and the architectural layouts generally happen first. These are the backgrounds, the color palettes, the wood tones, and surface textures. All chosen in context to the end goals. Then come the all important art selections, and even the style of lamps used as accessories to the room. It is the blend that creates the reflection of the people involved. The multiple facets of each individual. The bold forms of structural sculpture could be added to a fresh background, or the glamour of a collection of crystal against a rich stained cabinet.

Always, the interest is in the multi-layers. The relaxed linen throw next to the polished walnut table. The natural grace of a worn stone urn next to a silver framed photo. The contrasts, created from the different timelines, set next to a brown bust or Tibetan carved Buddha. All pieces of interest and daily enjoyment.

The real accessories are the extensions of thoughts and personalities, the mix of currents of emotions, periods of modern life added to tradition. We are all creating the feel and tone of our lives everyday, adding a little surprise, or luxurious touch that just might show up as the nicest accessory.

Accessories, Houston Interior Design
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